There’s finally a difference between geeks, nerds, dweebs, and dorks.  This Venn diagram explains it:

Nerd, Dork, Geek Venn Diagram

(For one thing, the word “dweeb” is so old, it’s not cool to use anymore.)

I have an obsession with all things like Star Wars or Star Trek.  Then, there’s my constant craving for all things computers, big or small. I consider myself a geek because, well, I’m married with a kid, so I’m fine socially.

I don’t know if I want to be a nerd.  I don’t know if I want to live as a socially awkward individual.  I have  felt like a nerd once in a while – but after a good whack on the head, I wake up to reality again.

For more info, check out this cartoon strip.

Photo Credit: Great White Shark

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2 Responses to “Geeks and Nerds and Dweebs, Oh My!”

  1. David Rader says:

    Twas once a nerd, but my social skills are gradually improving, pushing me into the geek category. I am no longer a candy.

    I never really watched Star Trek much, but when channel surfing and it’s on- it usually stays on. It’s just such a vast show I feel there’s not enough time to catch up. Star Wars on the other hand though… Why in the WORLD don’t we have holographic chess tables in every chess players household in America yet?

  2. rudyamid says:

    Maybe not enough people play chess? The market for such high tech game will be so small.

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