Steve and Lin have reported my site crashed their Internet Explorer 6 browsers.  I’ve tested it using a Windows 2000 machine at work, and confirmed it.  I’ve been trying to figure out which plugin or sidebar widget does this.  I found the Lightbox 2 plugin was the problem.  I really like this plugin, but not enough to lock out my readers who are still stuck with IE6.  I’ll find an alternative.

Through my research on the subject, apparently IE6 is a much hated browser by everyone.  It crashes on trivial javascripts and the W3 compliant stylesheets.  There are many sites citing displeasure over IE6.  Here are some them:

As an IT person, it’s going to be my solemn duty to encourage and plan for phasing out IE6.  We have many alternatives, and need not to be stuck in the stone ages.  You can help.  Kill IE6 now!

[Update] Changed the Lightbox2 plugin to Shadowbox JS.  Works like a charm!

Image Credit: IE Death March

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11 Responses to “IE6 Must Die!”

  1. Farzan says:

    yeah, I kept trying to come here and see what you were up to, but your site kept crashing on me. Glad its all fixed now

    Farzan´s last blog post..REVIEW: Quantum of Solace

  2. Lin says:

    Rudy, I’ve tried my best to persuade The Boss to let me switch the browser to Firefox but so far it’s a no-go. He’s um…..very low tech, and I’m lucky to have a fax machine let alone a computer with internet access. So I’m not complaining about being stuck with IE but I agree IE6 must die! :)

    Lin´s last blog post..Guy Finley: The Secret of Letting Go

  3. hi Rudy,
    I am very sorry to be a trouble-maker. :)
    I keep thinking I’m getting a new computer soon so I don’t bother upgrading from IE6 until then. But now I think I’m going to download Firefox and make the change. Your post cracks me up. It explains why more and more websites aren’t working for me this year. Seems like the problem has really been growing lately.
    ~ Steve, aka the trouble-making trade show guru
    PS. Thanks for making your blog accessible again to us IE6ers.

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Please help Will

  4. rudyamid says:

    @Farzan: I’m glad you could confirm it was all ok.

    @Lin: If only technology doesn’t move as fast as it does, people will have no trouble with high-tech. At this rate of change, it’s no wonder businesses (and individuals) are reluctant to upgrade or buy new equipment.

    @Steve: Your troubles inspired me to research and write a new post. So, it’s good that you pointed it out to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know! Thanks for your input.

  5. Brett Legree says:

    Dinosaur companies that refuse to upgrade from IE6 or allow people to install something better need to be punished.

    Someone, quick, write a worm that *only* infects machines using IE6, that formats the C: drive on the next reboot. Maybe that will send a message :)

    (Yeah, I know that’s nasty, but hey, it’s Friday and I’m in a silly mood!)


    Brett Legree´s last blog post..week 1 – report card.

  6. rudyamid says:

    Sounds like a good idea, Brett. Do they pay people for writing worm viruses? ;-)

  7. Brett Legree says:

    Oh, I think they do in *cough* Russia *cough*


    Brett Legree´s last blog post..week 1 – report card.

  8. Steve says:

    hey Rudy,
    Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded Firefox about two weeks ago and have been using it more and more (almost exclusive now). It was easy to learn the differences from IE6, and I like it a LOT more. Especially since there is a headline today about a huge security hole in IE!
    Just like using ATMs and getting a cell phone, I’m wondering what took me so long. :)
    Long live FIREFOX!
    ~ Steve, aka “trade show displays”, and a new and huge fan of Firefox!

  9. rudyamid says:

    If you like Firefox, then you’ll love the AdBlock Plus add-on. I hardly see any ads while browsing. It’s awesome!

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