We went to Wingstop.  It was a cool sunny day when we talked about:

  • The school shooting in Connecticut. This is the reason why we all need to start packing concealed guns, so we can protect ourselves against murderers out there!
  • Why is it only African-American people can call themselves “black people”?
  • Recommended movies: The Other Guys and Tropic Thunder.
  • Spreading rumors: Pauly Shore’s illegitimate father was Rodney Dangerfield. Keep it on the low! YMMV.
  • NFC feature on the new Android phones.  Gotta touch each other, or not? Fast or slow? I’m an iPhone guy, so I don’t really care. B-)
  • Aquabats: A local musician group.  Good show for kids!
  • Alfonso Ribeiro, aka. “Carlton” from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, moon-walked with Michael Jackson in this classic 1984 Pepsi commercial:

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  1. An inspiring video of Micheal Jackson for better purpose..

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