I know Tiger Woods is human.  He injured his knee and everyone could see the painful struggle in the US Open 2008.  However, this time he sunk deeper into his “humanity” when he cheated on his wife.  He admitted to having an affair, pretty much flushing people’s respect for him down the drain.

I know pro-athletes are prone to marriage infidelities, such as Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, etc.  I also agree with the argument that pro-athletes should never marry.

But for a golfer, who is usually traditional and possesses high standard of ethics and morals, it’s almost unheard of!  It’s even more shocking with Tiger Woods.  I realize that he has the pressure to succeed, hectic schedule that constantly put him away from home, and a legion of devoted fans.  But he’s the #1 golfer!  We hold him to a higher standard.  He’s a role model to so many kids, who aspire to be like him.  Now his image is tarnished.

People will end up forgiving him for this mistake, and let bygone be bygone.  Sadly, he’ll never fully earn the respect that he once had – including from yours truly.  He’s no longer a role model I can endorse.

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7 Responses to “Tiger Woods: Hero No More”

  1. hey Rudy,
    Thanks for “dropping by” yesterday. :)
    I agree with you on Tiger, though I really feel his personal life is none of my business…
    Cheating is cheating, and is wrong. There is no excuse. Period.
    He blew it.
    Steve :)
    PS. I got my outdoor Christmas lights up last weekend. Have you gotten yours up this year yet?

  2. rudyamid says:

    Hey Steve,

    The last time I’ll ever “trust” a pro-athlete.

    PS: I did put up my Christmas lights!

  3. It just goes to show you that you can have it all and it still isn’t enough. Money, fame, success, a beautiful wife and family is everything that Tiger has achieved and yet somehow it is not enough for him. I don’t pretend to understand the temptations that go along with that kind of success, but if he applied his steely dtermination and will on the golf course to his personal life, he would not be having these problems now.

    That is the shock, we all thought with his grit determination, skill, and prowess on the golf course that this would also apply to his personal life as well….apparently not, and this lets a lot of people down.

    The ideal thing in theory is for pro athletes not to marry, but I think they find that after all the groupie adoration wears off, they feel a hole in their life, even with fame, money and many women. For some, marriage works, for others, the celebrity temptation is too great and they give in to it.

  4. kyle says:

    good post man. We do hold tiger woods to a higher standard. He brought it on himself when he entered into partnerships in advertising with his clean cut, well mannered persona. I can always forgive a mistake or two, but 15+ different counts of adultery are a little more than a mistake. his personal life and reputation is tarnished but hopefully it wont take too big a toll on his professional life because he is the best to ever play the game of golf and it would be sad to see his career end this way.

  5. head pieces says:

    Tiger was never a hero for me, just a golf player, so – nothing spectacular or really important for me. So maybe this is why I don’t feel any disappointment, maybe if I would, I’d feel different. From my point of view this is his private case. This should remain private – between him and his family. Telling about those facts in every tv station makes me a little bit sick, to be honest. This is his life! Not ours!

  6. to bad his career indeed like this, thought he was the greatest golfer for me, oh well that is just my thought…

  7. zila_honey88@Antique diamond rings says:

    even tiger woods performance goes down.. but he still the legends.. everyone knows that, and his already making money $$$ :)

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